Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recipe #12: Huevos Hyacinth

Recipe: Huevos Hyacinth
Source: The Pioneer Woman Cooks
Time: 15 minutes
Ease: 1
Taste: 4
Leftover Value: No leftovers--will probably not keep well
Down the Drain or Keep in the Strainer: Down the Drain

Apparently, I've been trying to speed my way through the breakfast section of The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  Sorry.  Hopefully you aren't tired of hearing about breakfast.

My favorite meal.


I'm not one who likes to switch up my breakfast choices.  My favorite breakfast has always included some kind of carb that can be covered in syrup and butter (pancakes, french toast, waffles), eggs--scrambled or over easy, and bacon.

All that will make me one happy gal.

So these unusual breakfasts like the following one and breakfast bowls have been difficult for me to accept.

The ease of these made me want to love them.

They are as simple as a buttered ramekin,


With a piece of ham,


And a splash of picante sauce (or a few tomatoes),


A cracked egg,


And a hefty sprinkling of cheese.

Hubby was excited about these because of the picante sauce.  As he sat down to eat it he said, "I love eggs and salsa".  I suppose it takes cooking your way through a cookbook to learn more details about your husband, aka, man of mystery.

The ramekins are to be placed in the broiler section of the oven for 2 to 4 minutes which, as with the breakfast bowls, seemed a little on the short side to me.


And it was.  Though the cheese was beginning to brown, the eggs were still runny enough for Rocky to slurp them down, and I'm just not into that.

Hubby suggested I turn the broiler down to Low (PW doesn't indicate whether the broiler should be on High or Low).  After another four minutes they were edible.


The combination didn't speak to me.  Perhaps because it was thin deli ham that she uses instead of chunks of ham steak.  I liked the ease of this dish, but again, it needs some adjustments to become something I want to make again and again.*

*Just to be sure that I wasn't crazy, I even made these a second time during the week for Hubby for breakfast.  He seemed to like them, but still I wasn't in love.